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Every photo and video from ANY Viral Booth kiosk will be instantly uploaded to

We create your own gallery that your friends and family can revisit whenever they want. Password-protected galleries are available upon request.  Your guests will receive the password.


SHARE with friends and family

    On the Viral Booth website, you are able to:

  1. View photos and videos from around the world

  2. Upload photos and videos to over 300 other websites

  3. Email photos and videos

  4. Print photos from your own printer

  5. Comments on individual photos and videos

What a famous viralbooth blog!!

How it works:
INTERACT with a Viral Booth
•You can take photos and even record video messages!

•You are able to instantly:

•Print up to 6 photo strips (all other booths only print 2)

•Upload to your own Facebook™ or Twitter™


•SMS text message directly to your phone

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"Technology has changed the way everyone shares photos and videos."